21 June 2016

EU Referendum

However you vote on Thursday, make sure your decision is not based on prejudice, hatred, deliberately distorted information, uninformed opinion, or even nostalgia—a faulty faculty at best—or on a whim.  Remember: this choice can't be reversed; it's that serious.

If you are an older person, as I am, remember that what we decide will have much less impact on us than it will on our children and grandchildren.  Ask them, if they are old enough to understand, what they want.  Respect their choice and support them in it.  They are the ones who must live with Thursday's decision.

If you feel aggrieved that you had no opportunity to choose in the previous referendum about Europe, you now have the opportunity to choose but please recognise that you will also be putting the generations that follow in the same predicament.  Make the best choice for them, not just the one that suits you.

Visit the BBC's Reality Check web site for useful information to help you make or even check your decision.  Please keep an open mind to what you read there.

We are collectively responsible for whatever happens next . . .