28 August 2014

A Tough Nut to Crack

I've had a lovely day with my nine-month old puppy, apart from one event...

She has an unfortunate habit of jumping up to greet people; unfortunate from the human point of view, but from hers she's just being very friendly and very pleased to meet you. It's an issue we're working on but find very distressing, to say the least.

Today, she introduced herself to a gentleman by head-butting him in the, er, nether regions.  The frontal nether regions, that is.  He was visibly stunned . . .  Dogs' heads are quite substantial. 

Fortunately,  as a dog-owner himself, he was very understanding and, even more fortunately from my viewpoint, still standing.

My dog appeared none the worse for the encounter.  Once over my embarrassment,  our day resumed its furry loveliness.