10 April 2013

A Heartfelt Plea to Android App Developers

I have to say, I'm a bit miffed with Android app developers.  I'm an Android fan.  I like Android apps.  I appreciate the effort the developers put in.  I also love my Samsung GT-S5830.  But - I'm not happy.

The problem with apps is they keep on being improved.  Nothing wrong with that but they also keep on growing in size.  All those incremental improvements take up a little more space.  Your app may grow by only a small amount but all the other developers are making improvements at the same time as you.  All those little bits of extra memory taken together mean my phone runs out of space.

I think part of the problem lies in the phone; it could do with more on-board memory.  I have oodles of room on the SD card but I am fighting a constant battle with shortness of space.  All the apps that can work from the SD card are stored there but I seem unable to do an update these days without running out of main memory.  The only way I can then get my phone working properly again is to delete an app.  One of these days, it may have to be your app that goes...

Even deleting apps from the SD card can free on-board memory, so they must be starting services just in case.  Bad developer!  Start the services only when I run the app, please.  Another thing: please don't add permissions your application doesn't actually, really, genuinely need.  And do your very best to reduce the size of your app when you next 'improve' it.  Please!  Maybe you could remove a not-very-useful feature or two...

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