30 July 2011

Hundreds Made Homeless by Merciless Blogger

Today I demolished a wasps' nest in our garden. Cost me nowt except half a can of insect terminator. The stragglers that were away on foraging duty are doing their best to find their home BUT IT ISN'T THERE ANY MORE! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!

Synchronised Dreaming

Last night, my Beloved and I both had dreams about rats. Weird! Whatever could that mean? Are we joined at the psyche?

06 July 2011

Blatant Advertising

Do you like short stories?  If so, how about reading some of mine for free?  Have a look on my WordPress site or my Blogger equivalent.  The stories are the same but the WordPress site is better organised.

05 July 2011

Holiday 2011

Well, I've just about recovered from my holiday.

We went to exactly the same place in Kefalonia, Greece as last year, that's how good it was (see this post).  Contrary to the Law of Diminishing Returns, we were not disappointed.  In fact, we seemed to avoid the usual three-day adjustment period where your head is still at work and you body won't settle down. When we arrived, it felt like we had never been away.  Wonderful!

A typical day for us is:
  • wake up about 8 o'body-clock (10 am local time)
  • visit the toilet for the necessary
  • read a bit
  • have breakfast
  • visit the toilet for more necessaries and a wash
  • slap sun cream over the bits to be exposed to the sun (arms, legs, face, ears and neck in my case)
  • choose which swim-shorts and tee-shirt to wear
  • head down to the pool
  • lie on a sun bed under a brolly (so as not to burn; I burn easily and can tan under cloud)
  • read a lot
  • fall asleep
  • read some more
  • have lunch, including beer
  • read a lot more
  • sleep again
  • have a swim and a float
  • have a beer
  • go back to the room for a shower and to dress for dinner
  • head into town (10 minute walk) for dinner, with wine (naturally)
  • head back to the bar for a few drinks (beer or wine or cocktails) and talk with other holiday makers and the hosts
  • go to bed at about midnight by the body clock (2 am local time)
  • read until the brain stops functioning
  • sleep
As you can see, it's action all the way.  I don't know how we managed to fit it all in!

We had a few changes along the way, substituting the beach for the pool a couple of times, and walking up a hill in 30-ish degrees for 37 minutes to drink beer at a taverna with fantastic views.  Sometimes we had dinner at the hotel instead of walking into town (exercise is tedious; why move if you don't have to?).  Sometimes I listened to my iPod whilst reading, sometimes I just listened to my iPod.

In case you were wondering, we did drink water and other non-alcoholic beverages too.  And had a couple of ice creams.

I read six novels, in all.  My beloved managed a similar number despite the distraction from mosquitoes.  I'm pleased to say that the little beasties find her much the tastier.  I dare not disagree ...

Then it was back home and back to work.  When I arrived, it felt like I had never been away ...