12 October 2010

The Rescue of the Chilean Miners

My thoughts and prayers today are with the 33 men trapped underground in the Chilean mine and with their rescuers.

I can only imagine the intensity of the conflict between anxiety and excitement they and their families must be feeling on this, the day on which the rescue shaft will be put to its intended use.  I am thankful that it has been made ready well in advance of the original estimate of Christmas.

I can only imagine the unbounded joy and profound relief they will experience on being re-united with their loved ones. 

I wish them all well with the imminent rescue, and in coming to terms with normality after what must surely have been a life-changing ordeal.  I am sure it will be difficult, having lived in this horror, to re-adjust to life among those who have not lived there with them.

May this rescue be successful without loss and without problems along the way.  May the men and their families be given all the help they need to find resolution of the past and direction for the future.

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