27 September 2010

As Seen on TV!

Did you see me on the telly tonight?  The new episode of Inspector George Gently, in which my beloved and I were extras (see this post), was broadcast tonight on BBC 1.  Called 'Gently Evil', it starred the hitherto unknown actor, Desmond Hilary (i.e., me!), as a prosecution solicitor.

I appeared three times in the court scene near the end of the episode.  You will have seen me on the extreme right of your screen, a row in front of the young girl on trial.  In one of the shots, you will have seen my head actually move!

My beloved, alas, appeared only twice, on both occasions just beyond the extreme left edge of your screen...  This fact has left a distinct tarnish on my moment of glory.

I await the call for my first film contract - perhaps as the new James Bond.  Apply now for autographs while they are affordable.