03 May 2010

Prime Ministerial Debate No. 3

Well, that's it.  We've seen them all.  Now, at least, we have something to help us make up our minds.

I thought the last debate was interesting for as much as was not said as for what was.  We had a nice demonstration of adversarial politics, of which we are all well and truly sick, with Mr Brown and Mr Cameron slagging off each other and having a dig at Mr Clegg.  Mr Clegg seemed very quiet, apart from attempting to correct statements made by the other two about Lib-Dem policies.  Perhaps he was content to let them show us that they would only give us more of the same.

Mr Brown

Actually, I thought this was a better performance from him.  More commanding.  He seemed to identify the Conservatives as his primary target, presumably believing them to be the only genuine challenge to Labour.  Perhaps he sees the need not to come last in the popular vote so that he might get enough support to form the next government.  I believe he has a good grasp of the problems we face and genuinely wants the best for the UK.

Mr Cameron

The polls seem to indicate he won this debate.  I can't think how.  What were people judging by?  Not policies, if Mr Brown is to be believed.  Mr C. indulged in quite a bit of scaremongering.  For goodness sake, grow up.  I believe he wants to be in power and hopes we are sick enough of Labour to give it to him.  I think he is out of touch.

Mr Clegg

As I've said, he was relatively quiet.  I think he talks sense.  The other two seemed to want to make his immigration policy out to be something it is not but he held is own.

Whatever you may think of them,

  1. it is important to use your vote
  2. it is imperative that you vote according to conscience, not because of the way your grandfather and father before you always voted
  3. it is better to vote for something rather than against something else
  4. it is essential to remember that it is your vote to cast as you believe best for the United Kingdom
  5. do not be manipulated by one party into casting your vote to their advantage on the grounds that to do otherwise would let the other lot in.
  6. if you don't vote, don't complain afterwards.
I said in my last post who I intend to vote for, and nothing in the last debate changed my opinion.  Like many in the country, I am looking for genuine change.  I want to see a pragmatic approach that makes a difference. I am not impressed by idealogical twaddle and adversarial bickering.  I only see one party offering real difference.

In the last few days, there will be a lot of 'baby-kissing'.  Don't be impressed by that.  It doesn't at all mean they are in touch with the electorate - it just means they want your vote.  Give your vote to the candidate who best demonstrates he or she deserves it by their service for you in your constituency and for our country.

Please use your vote on Thursday. It Matters.

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