11 May 2010

A Dog's Life - Progress Report

For those of you who may be interested, I am pleased to report that Max is still in good form and generally interested in doggie activities like eating, going for walks, playing with squeaky toys, rolling around the carpet and barking at passers-by. 

We took him to see the vet a couple of weeks ago, and she was very impressed with him.  He was in perfect working order apart from the leg; he even had to have his annual jabs because it looks like he will be going into kennels for our holiday after all.  She thought he had a good few months to go yet so we are confident he will still be waiting for us on our return.

He has the odd day when he's a bit quieter, and he stops for a rest every so often on walks, but he's quite comfortable.  Sometimes he only wants to do a short walk.  Then he amazes us by taking us for really long ones.  Last Wednesday, for instance, he took me a good mile-and-a-half from home and still didn't want to stop - except for a brief rest.  I had to remonstrate with him to get him to turn back, using the magic word 'Dinner'.  He was good for another two-miler on Friday!  Not easy on three legs.

He also shows great interest in my current excavations in the garden (I am building a patio).  Digging a knee-deep hole with a large dog trying to help you find whatever it is he thinks I've lost is not easy!  He did go and lie down when I told him but lying down between the hole and the pile onto which I'm throwing the soil is unhelpful.

Good old Max!

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  1. Indeed, good old Max!
    So glad that he's doing okay.
    Have a great time away.