25 April 2010

Prime Ministerial Debate No. 2

Once again, I had to record the debate and watch it at a later date.  So, how did they do this time?

Mr Brown

Actually, he gave a much better performance, not that I think that performance is what a general election is about.  However, he did get less in the way of what he was trying to communicate.  Well, done Mr Brown.

Mr Cameron

More of the same, I'm afraid.  He said nothing that convinced me that I want him for my Prime Minister, or that I can trust the Conservatives with my country.  Whilst not part of the debate, I think the smear tactics deployed against Mr Clegg during the week just about sums them up.  Mr Cameron, you may as well not turn up for the next debate if all you have to offer is more hand-waving and specious argument.  The Tories were claiming that he won this debate.  Whatever were they watching?  Did I record the wrong thing?

Mr Clegg

Another consistent and good performance.  He continued to hold his own.  I do hope that his WYSIWYG claim is true.

The winner?  Neck-and-neck with Mr Brown and Mr Clegg, with last week's showing putting Mr Clegg in front.

Actually, in my constituency we have a two-horse race between Lib-Dem and Conservative, labour having come a disastrous third in the last election.  The Tory candidate doesn't come from here, has failed to win seats in other parts of the country and is standing here because his first choice didn't want him.  How cynical is that?  Our MP is supposed to represent us.  How can, if he doesn't know us or our area?

Since the only reasonable choice for me is to vote Lib-Dem, I need not watch the last debate.  I shall, though, because I take my right to vote seriously.

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