18 April 2010

Ah! Nick Clegg! So that's His Name!

Did you see the Prime Ministerial Debate the other day?  I watched it on Saturday morning having been out on Thursday and recorded it.  It thought it was very interesting, giving a clearer insight into what is on offer in the forthcoming election.

Mr Brown

I thought he was a bit stuffy, and disdainful of the other two.  I think everyone knows he is not very good in front of a camera and hope, since we are electing a Prime Minister and not a film star, that everyone is able to take that into account.  Even so, he did nothing to convince me that I want another five years of Labour.  Even though I've voted Labour in the past, I don't think I will be this year.

Mr Cameron

Bluster.  Posh.  PR.  Spin.  More interested in office than service.  He just does not convince me that he knows how many ears and mouths he has.  Or that the numbers indicate the proportion in which they should be used.  I get the impression that he does it all for effect.  He comes across as someone projecting an image.  He may well be a very decent human being and a nice man.  I just can't see him in Number 10.  Even though I've voted Conservative in the past, I don't think I will be this year.

Mr Clegg

Frankly, a breath of fresh air.  I have to say I was very impressed with this man.  If he was setting out to project an image, he very successfully projected the impression that what we saw was the real thing, not a put-up job.  He talked sense almost all of the time.  Mind you, I thought Tony Blair was a good guy, so what do I know?  I have voted Lib-Dem in local elections before.  We'll have to see how their policies hold up to a good bashing from the Reds and Blues before I make my final decision.  Would it be a wasted vote?  Well, if everyone who would like to vote Lib-Dem but thought it would be a waste actually voted Lib-Dem, we might just find ourselves with a Lib-Dem government...  Could they be worse?

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