09 February 2010

Election Lottery

So, who on Earth do we vote for in the forthcoming election?  We're all sick of labour but is there a real alternative?  What are the choices?
  • Labour - led by Gordon Brown, for me the least convincing Prime Minister of any persuasion I have known in my almost 56 years (including John Major).
  • Conservative - led by David Cameron.  In my opinion, he is a 'Sound Bite' and I have yet to discern any substance in his party.
  • Liberal Democrat - led by ... who?
  • UKIP - what do they stand for?
  • Green Party - green in anything other than green issues.
  • BNP - Fur Sie, ist der Krieg vorbei!
  • Monster Raving Loony Party - they're having a laugh.
All-in-all, not much choice.  They tell us we are electing representatives of the people.  In reality, we a forced to choose between political ideologies that do not represent our views, needs and aspirations.

I bet we have a low turn out and end up with a hung parliament.  That would be a massive victory for 'None of the Above'.

1 comment :

  1. If only there was a 'none of the above' and it was done properly...
    There really is nobody worth voting for.
    Ho hum.