27 February 2010

A Dog's Life - Still Going Strong!

For those of you who are interested, our dog is still with us and surprising us daily. 

He has really had only one bad day so far, on 10 February when he did something to his leg and was obviously in severe pain.  That was a traumatic day for me too, as Max stayed extremely quiet for about 24 hours; I thought the final farewell was imminent.  Thankfully, an extra dose of his medication took the edge off his pain. The next day, he suddenly sat up and declared (in doggy fashion) that he was OK and wanted to play.  He has been pretty good ever since, and has not needed extra pain-killers.

His leg is virtually useless, although he still tries to scratch his ear with it, and the tumour has grown to the extent that the leg is clearly deformed.  He has been getting around very well on three legs, and still pulls on his lead like a traction engine.  We sometimes have to jog to keep up with him!  In his head however, there is nothing wrong with him.  He still wants to go out, eat, and play with us, his toys, and other dogs, although we have to limit the extent of his exertions to avoid further injury and pain.

Although he is no longer able to run in the fields or swim in the river or jump into the car, he has adapted well to his limitations, and seems to us to be happy and enjoying a reasonably good quality of life.  The cancer is expected already to have spread to his lungs but hitherto there are no clear symptoms.  He is sometimes a bit breathless after walks but that could easily be from the effort required to lug his 43kg around on three legs...

Just how long this good spell will continue we have no idea.  We are making the most of him while we can, grateful for whatever time we have left with him, grateful that he is comfortable and, at least for now, still happy to be with us.

14 February 2010

An Open Letter to Martin Johnson

Dear Mr Johnson,

It's a good job we met Wales last week and not this. Italy played well today. We only beat them on points.

Ireland will be looking to restore some dignity; England will probably give it to them. Scotland will be spitting feathers and spoiling for a victory; England will probably give it to them. France will be going all-out for the Grand Slam; England will probably give it to them.

If it didn't work before and doesn't work now, it's time to try something else.

Praying for your miracle,

Desmond Hilary

09 February 2010

Election Lottery

So, who on Earth do we vote for in the forthcoming election?  We're all sick of labour but is there a real alternative?  What are the choices?
  • Labour - led by Gordon Brown, for me the least convincing Prime Minister of any persuasion I have known in my almost 56 years (including John Major).
  • Conservative - led by David Cameron.  In my opinion, he is a 'Sound Bite' and I have yet to discern any substance in his party.
  • Liberal Democrat - led by ... who?
  • UKIP - what do they stand for?
  • Green Party - green in anything other than green issues.
  • BNP - Fur Sie, ist der Krieg vorbei!
  • Monster Raving Loony Party - they're having a laugh.
All-in-all, not much choice.  They tell us we are electing representatives of the people.  In reality, we a forced to choose between political ideologies that do not represent our views, needs and aspirations.

I bet we have a low turn out and end up with a hung parliament.  That would be a massive victory for 'None of the Above'.