25 January 2010

A Dog's Life - Nearing the End

Today, Max should have had a bone biopsy but that didn't happen. 

On our arrival at the surgery, the vet showed us the x-rays, now returned by the other practice, and it was very clear that subjecting Max to another general anaesthetic was pointless.  I had seen Max's earlier, normal-appearing x-rays in November and the sight now set before me was astonishing.  Our discussions with the vet led us to the inescapable conclusion that we were dealing with osteosarcoma, not osteomyelitis, there being no signature symptoms of the lesser condition. 

The vet to whom the x-rays had been passed for review had also commented on the risk of fracturing the leg in the process of performing the biopsy.  Even were that not to occur, Max's already weakened bone would be even more compromised by the removal of enough tissue to make the ensuing tests reliable.  With such a strong diagnosis, there was no point making Max's remaining life any shorter or less comfortable by conducting a pointless investigation.  We also declined the offer of further radiography to look for metastatic disease which may or may not have shown up but which the vet had assured us would by now almost certainly be present.

All that remains is to take Max home, keep him comfortable, and spoil him (even more) until that saddest-of-times arrives.  It will certainly be sooner than we had expected, with Max being only about 7 years old, and he showed signs last night of being less comfortable...


  1. Sorry to hear your and Max's news. Very sad. Thinkin of you all. Much love.

  2. Oh crap.
    Love you guys, please call whenever.