09 November 2008

Wales 15 South Africa 20

By accident of birth, I am an Englishman. It would be difficult to be more English, having been born in Birmingham, about as far from the sea as one can get in these islands. However, having grown up in that city and been sustained by water collected in the Elan Valley, one wonders if something Welsh has seeped into one's being...

Anyway, I watched the game yesterday and, as an Englishman, and without the slightest intent of patronisation, I wish to congratulate the Welsh team (the Six Nations champions, 2008) on their excellent performance against the South African team (World Cup winners, 2007).

Hold your heads up, boys! You outplayed them in everything except luck. Had the game been ten minutes longer I think you would have had them. Unfortunately for you, the luck went their way. You have a terrific squad, and a fighting spirit to be proud of. Build on what you achieved yesterday and I'm sure you will emerge as force to be feared by Southern Hemisphere sides.

This Englishman will always support you (unless you are playing England, of course) and be willing you on to success. You are a pleasure to watch.


  1. Yup, if it hadn't been for that intercept try, SA would have been struggling. They played well for about the first 10 minutes, then went to sleep.
    "Must do better" this weekend against England...

  2. Looking forward to that one. We almost had you last time...