18 February 2008

What's it for, then?

I think the way this will go is as follows. This blog will be the top level of my bloggery. Connected to this, I will probably have a number of blogs (sub-blogs), one for each concept that I think important or of interest or both. This blog will perhaps have tasters for the main articles in the sub-blogs, and so will give you a general picture of what goes on in the 'World of Desmond Hilary'.

I fully appreciate that concepts that are important to me may be of no interest to you: but, hey, no-one has to read this. I realise that some things I think are important may turn your blood to ice or steam, depending on your temperament. Please bear in mind that I will never write anything with the intent of causing you offence. If you take offence at anything I write, I'm afraid that's your problem: this is my blog.

Should you feel the impulse to voice your opinion on anything I write, here are my ground-rules (subject to change as I think of new ones).
  1. Encouragement is always welcome.
  2. You may disagree but please don't rant. I have moderation turned on. Polite disagreement is much more likely to be allowed in any discussion that evolves than is 'YOU ARE AN IDIOT (or worse)'.
  3. I reserve the right to stand by my opinion and will try to give a reason why you have not persuaded me.
Anyway, I hope that you find something of interest among my ramblings.

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  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.