17 February 2019

Suite for Cello and Piano

Having long been a fan of that most evocative of instruments, the cello, I thought I would write a sonata for it.  I ended up having so many ideas that the only thing to do was to write a whole suite instead!

There are eight movements, varying in mood and intensity.  The suite begins light, ends with energy, and has darkness in the middle.

I tried hard to make the piano part more than accompaniment, so the tunes switch at times between the two instruments, and sometimes the piano is the major force.

I'm quite pleased with the finished result.  I hope you like it too.

First movement:ScoreMP3
Second Movement:ScoreMP3
Third Movement:ScoreMP3
Fourth Movement:ScoreMP3
Fifth movement:ScoreMP3
Sixth Movement:ScoreMP3
Seventh Movement:ScoreMP3
Eighth Movement:ScoreMP3